Meet Our Professional Team at Wildlife Trapping, Inc.

Robert Raniolo – Founder, President, Head Trapper, Head Bird Control Installer

Meet Robert Raniolo, the driving force behind our company. With a passion for delivering exceptional service at reasonable prices, Robert founded RANTECH, Inc. in 2007, quickly expanding to Wildlife Trapping, Inc.

His extensive experience in pest and wildlife control since 2003 is backed by licenses and certifications:

  • NYS DEC Commercial Pesticide Applicators, 3A, 5B, 7A, 7C, 7F & 8
  • NYS DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator
  • NWCOA Wildlife Control Operator
  • NWCOA Advanced Wildlife Control Operator
  • Bird Barrier Certified Installer.

Beyond his dedication to resolving wildlife conflicts, Robert, along with his business partner Lisamarie, is committed to growing both companies to better assist a broader customer base. When not immersed in the world of pest and wildlife control, Robert enjoys family time and the company of his three dogs.

Mike H – Logistics Manager, Wildlife Trapper, Bird Control Installer

Meet Mike H, our Logistics Manager, and a seasoned Wildlife Trapper/Bird Control Installer. With a keen eye for organization, Mike ensures our service trucks and equipment are in prime condition, allowing our field technicians to operate efficiently. A proud U.S. Marine veteran, Mike’s discipline and experiences contribute to his success at work and in his personal life.

An integral part of both RANTECH, Inc. and Wildlife Trapping Inc. from the beginning, Mike is dedicated to streamlining operations for enhanced customer support.

His license/certifications include:

  • NYS DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator
  • NWCOA Wildlife Control

Outside of work, he indulges his passion for riding Harleys, camping, and showcasing his musical talents on guitars.

Kenny S – Wildlife Trapper, Repair Tech, Bird Control Installer

Kenny S is a pivotal member of our team, specializing in resolving wildlife concerns through meticulous investigation and comprehensive repairs. Raised on a Mid-West farm, Kenny brings a strong work ethic to his role as a Wildlife Trapper and Repair Tech. His commitment to making repairs seamless and virtually invisible is reflected in his outstanding field performance.

His license/certifications include:

  • NYS DEC Commercial Pesticide Technician, 7A
  • NYS DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator
  • NWCOA Exclusion Product Installation

Certification Course

  • NWCOA Rodent Standards Certified

Kenny continually improves his skills, contributing to the company’s evolving repair program. When not on the job, he enjoys outdoor activities.

George S – Wildlife Trapper

George S, an experienced chimney cleaning and repair tech, is a valued Wildlife Trapper dedicated to identifying and resolving the root cause of wildlife conflicts. George emphasizes attention to detail as the key to customer satisfaction. With a growing list of certifications and a focus on increasing add-on sales, George is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to our customers.

His license/certification include:

  • NYS DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

George’s passion extends beyond his route to racing his Ford Mustang and contributing to dog rescue efforts.