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Good Riddance to Raccoons

Raccoons can cause extreme damage to your home or business. They are also bad for your health! The experts at Wildlife Trapping, Inc will save your family from an animal you do not want in the house!

Raccoons can gain access to all areas of your home, building, or utility structure by ripping into roofs, siding, fascia, and soffits or through open/damaged windows and doors. Raccoons can also destroy lawns and garbage cans/bags, leaving you on cleanup patrol.

Let us design a custom trapping/removal program for your home and business, as well as develop a custom solution to prevent future unwanted guests from gaining access. We can also assist with interior clean-ups and remediation. Contact us for a no-obligation phone estimate.

Types of Ways You Can Be Harmed by a Raccoon

Raccoon roundworm
Roundworm (Baylisascaris) is a growing concern. It is found in raccoon feces that can infect us and our pets. Prevention is the key. Keep raccoons out of attics and crawl spaces, and supervise your young children and pets outdoors to make sure they don’t come into contact with raccoon feces.

Leptospirosis is caused by bacteria that can infect raccoons, skunks, opossums, Norway rats, mice, and white-tailed deer. You could be exposed if you come into contact with infected urine or contaminated soil and water. Avoid touching wild animals.

Attacks and bites
It isn’t uncommon for a healthy raccoon to be active in the daytime, but it’s highly unusual for a raccoon to be aggressive toward a person. A female may boldly defend her young, arching her back, growling, or giving a loud “whoof.” The raccoon could even lunge at you if she thinks you are a threat.

Only very rarely will a raccoon chase after someone seen as threatening. A raccoon who appears ill or disoriented, or who engages in unprovoked aggression, may be rabid or infected with canine distemper or feline parvovirus.

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